I don't know how to begin

I don't know how to begin I don't know how to begin. My love one is no feeling so good in fact she is doing bad, I wish I could be right next to her but I can't because where I live, if you don't know I live in Miami, USA, and she lives in Concepcion, CHILE, we are apart for about a year and this is killing us I can't go there and she can't come here either, I wish I could help her out but I'm here, she does not want to talk to me because her conditions and I desperately want to talk to her and ahe refused, I don't know what to do, this hurt me and I don't know what to do, sometimes I think she doesn't love me anymore, but at the same time I may be wrong. I love her but I don't know where destiny will take us to, hopefully to a life together forever I wish. Mi Reina if you read this I want to tell you I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART, SOUL, SPIRIT AND BODY, YOU ARE EVERYTHING FOR ME,YOU ARE MOST WONDERFUL WOMAN IN THE ALL WORLD AND I'll WAIT WITH OPEN ARMS FOR OUR FUTURE TOGETHER FOREVER AND AFTER DEAD LOVING EACH OTHER, I LOVE YOU MY QUEEN. TE AMO MI REINA CON TODO MI CORAZON, ALMA Y CUERPO, ERES TODO PARA MI, ERES LA MARAVILLA MAS GRANDE DE EL MUNDO Y ESPERO CON MI BRAZOS ABIERTO NUESTRO FUTURO JUNTOS PARA UNA VIDA ENTERA CON TU AMOR Y HASTA DESPUES DE LA MUERTE,TE AMO MI GUAGUITA

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Anónimo -

yo también te amo...

Anónimo -

te amo mucho

Pamela -

Oye! esto me hace llorar....

Raquel -

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Yo -

Te amo mi guaguita, yo tambien te extraño... y mucho..